I’m Hannah a textiles designer with years of experience working across knit, weave and print. I have worked with brands such as Barrie Knitwear, Donna Wilson and MYB textiles. I’ve created a variety of knit projects each with a different aesthetic from commercially viable knit designs to more explorative and creative pieces.

As a regular active listener, I have been described as approachable and personable, which has allowed me to build relationships and work well in a team. I have also been celebrated for being an industrious and innovative designer with my aim to always think outside the box in new and creative ways.

My main aim is to create interesting and problem-solving textiles with a purpose. Recently my knitting was awarded ‘Most Innovative Use of Textile Design Practice’ by The Incorporation of Bonnetmakers and Dyers of Edinburgh.  I have a great interest in interiors and love creating new and unique uses for knitting in both interiors and fashion.

From my previous career, I have many transferrable soft skills, which I can now take forward into my design career, you can download my CV presentation it shall take you through my journey so far, detailing the skills I have picked up along the way.
Alternatively, if you want to reach out for a video call or chat you can email me or connect on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Thank you
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