I had the privilege of being approached to create a collection of socks inspired by Scotland. The brief set was to create seven socks that could mix ā€˜nā€™ matched and had a unique link to Scotland (e.g. nothing to do with tartan or shortbread). I took inspiration from a previous university project based around Scottish plants, however, I looked at thistle more specifically. As we were encouraged to be as abstract as we liked I really tried to push the boat out with my patterns.
The colours played an import element in the mix ā€˜nā€™ matching, all of which I selected from Scottish landscapes and thistle photos.
Simplifying thistles allowed me to pick out simple shapes to create abstract and interesting patterns.
As these were being manufactured by a factory there was a lot of discussion and tweaks to make sure the specifications and final BMP files were spot on. This was especially important for the triangle patterns and lines, overall I learned a lot from this experience.
Final product coming soon

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